Welcome to the Localmn Blog

After the longest time of weighing which blog software to run, a buddy of mine said “would you just do it?”. In time, a newer one within the localmn domain may replace this. For now, I’m runnin’ with it.

I’ll be chiming in on local search marketing, Minnesota small business news, MIMASM (yep, MIMASM ;)), local marketing trends, events, my niece (youngest blogger ever), falling off my snowboard, professional soccer diving, Coach Muppet and the Vikings, and other random musings.

Next week, I’ll be in San Jose for a search marketing conference and plan to come back with some good nuggets, plus fun from Google’s “Club G”.


3 Responses to Welcome to the Localmn Blog

  1. Just found your blog on Google and really enjoyed your writing style. Picked up a couple of great ideas so I’m adding your blog to my Bloglines account to share with others.

  2. Thanks for sharing these posts with us. Much appreciated …

  3. Wanted to say briefly how much I appreciate your posts. Thanks for the info. Best regards, A H

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