IAC (ask.com and Citysearch) and local search

“There’s no question we have the best local content, in breadth and depth. Our quality puts everyone else to shame,” Diller said.

Pretty bold statement, although they definitely have some credibility. Ask.com has been pushing their local product for quite some time, which includes Citysearch results.

It’s not just about ask.com.

In an article back in November 2004, I mentioned how Citysearch often showed up in Google results (they also often show up in Yahoo!). The same mentioned results still appear in G today:

Pizza joints in Seattle
Day spa Miami
Martini bar Minneapolis

These Citysearch results are definitely visible, and have always presented good amounts of local business information, including editorial and user reviews. This certainly can’t hurt.

I may have a small, user case study next week. Stay tuned…


2 Responses to IAC (ask.com and Citysearch) and local search

  1. […] In November 2004, I wrote on how search engines and Internet yellow pages (IYPs) were really starting to work well with each other. Included was a chunk on Citysearch and how their listings were constantly visible in Google search results (also noted in a blog post a couple months back). In fact, the three examples given are still prevalent in Google (and often Yahoo) today: […]

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    IAC ( and Citysearch) and local search « LocalMN Blog

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