I’m in San Jose, and I Really Need a Chiropractor!

As mentioned in a recent post, I might have a user case study regarding local search.

I’ve been visiting a chiropractor in Minneapolis for 6 months treating a pinched nerve. Well, due to slacking on my exercises, “office chair posture” and cancelling a couple sessions, the pinched nerve came back, hard, just a few days before I headed to San Jose for a week-long Search Engine Strategies conference. Pretty sweet.

So, last Friday night I did quick Google search for a San Jose chiropractor. I clicked the local results, and after finding one close to my hotel I found this profile. Their first web reference came from Citysearch with a testimonial that reads …Best customer service. Great care. They really care about their patients. They are highly skilled and perform a comprehensive exam

That was good enough for me, so I ducked out of a Monday morning panel to call and see if they had any openings. They got me in at 3:30, diagnosed me, knew exactly what was wrong and went to work.

Here’s the kicker. See the testimonial above? This is exactly how I was treated. I’m just an average visitor who really needed a chiropractor, but they treated me like I’ve been a customer forever. I’ve gone in 3 times. Each time, Lupe greets me with a smile, asks me about the conference, and brings me back to an open room. Either Stephanie or Jennifer comes in, works on my neck, asks me about the conference, how I’m liking San Jose, and makes me feel at home. Every morning, I’m waking up knowing I can be productive without wincing in pain.

I jokingly told them that I’ll probably be here this time next year, and I hope that I do NOT have to see them :)… and Lupe seems to really like the Findology back massager and other tradeshow knick-knacks I brought in for them today.

I’ll be putting together a more comprehensive article about how this is a perfect example of local search marketing benefits, but for now I just wanted to throw a big thanks to the entire staff of Family Life Chiropractic.

Local search doesn’t have to be about SEO. It can simply come from running a great local business.


2 Responses to I’m in San Jose, and I Really Need a Chiropractor!

  1. Matthew Hunt says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. You make a great point: in all the excitement over SEO, people can sometimes forget that a business will not be successful in the long term if it loses track of its main goals (such as selling a great product, and keeping clients happy with good customer service). It’s similar to the analogy you made with South Park’s “Underpants Gnomes” in another posting. All the high search engine ranking in the world won’t help a business with nothing but a big ? at its core. On the other hand, it would be a shame if a great business lost out on potential customers because it couldn’t be easily found by web searchers! Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Matthew. I think they appreciated it, too. The San Jose trip was over two years ago and the staff at that chiropractic office have sent me signed holiday cards every year.

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