San Jose SES – Local Search

The San Jose SES is all wrapped up. The number of attendees and quality of sessions were fantastic.

The local search panel included some of the best, moderated by Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Intelligence:

Justin Sanger – Local Launch!
Patricia Hursh – SmartSearch Marketing
Stacy Williams – Prominent Placement, Inc

The session as a whole is too comprehensive to place in a blog post. However, for those newer to getting your local business online, it is absolutely crucial that you have correct and updated business data in your print and Internet yellow pages. If you’re unsure how to do this, it’s worth the 130 bucks to have it taken care of by RegisterLocal of Local Launch.

Also, kudos to Matt McGee from Small Business SEM for his plug on local search.

Update: Search Engine Roundtable covers the local search marketing session.


2 Responses to San Jose SES – Local Search

  1. […] Local Search Marketing Tactics At the recent SES San Jose conference, I attended the local search session. Looking around the audience, there were a bunch of wide-eyes and heads nodding up and down thinking “yeah, I understand that”. Two of the presenters (Patricia Hursh and Justin Sanger) will be speaking in Denver. […]

  2. […] In August, I blogged about the local search session given at the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference. I can tell you first hand that the panel of Stacy (series author), Patricia, Justin, and Greg was fantastic and well-recommended. At some point during everyone’s presentation, I would look around the audience and see wide-eyes and head-nodding, thinking “Yeah, I get that”. […]

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