Pierce Skate & Ski

On Sunday, I took the ol’ bones out for the St. Paul Inline Marathon. Being the procrastinator I sometimes am, last Friday I finally decided to buy new wheels.

I called a few places specifically looking for 84mm wheels, but no one had them. After a few searches, I finally found this profile for Pierce Skate & Ski. The Superpages profile didn’t really give me much info, but since I’ve heard of Pierce Skate before, I gave them a call. They had one set left, and after work I came and picked them up.

When changing the wheels late Saturday afternoon, I broke the screw holding together the back wheel and brake. I took that skate back to Pierce Skate & Ski, showed them the skate and broken screw, and asked them if they could sell me whatever it took to fix it. A few minutes later, a manager came back with an 5 buck axle/screw set that fit perfectly. Big thanks to Pierce Skate & Ski! 🙂

I’ll visit them again because they sold me what I wanted. When calling a different store previously, they tried to sell me the 80mm wheels they had in stock. The benefit was since it’s a smaller wheel, I could turn more sharply. That’s fine, but I wasn’t concerned with the 1 turn every 7 miles or so. I wanted some speed and wheels to get me through 26.2 miles.


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