NearbyNow is at Your (San Jose) Mall

Greg Sterling writes a great Search Engine Watch article about NearbyNow, a site providing real-time inventory information to mall portals. In this case, it’s for the San Jose Eastridge Mall.

It’s pretty slick. Find products and their information, reserve them for pickup, view payments accepted, store hours, driving and parking lot directions, check out movie times and restaurant hours, all at one place.

I recently had a hard time finding “Adidas Samba” soccer shoes around here, so I figured I’d put it to the test. The San Jose Eastridge Mall definitely has a nice selection, and who would have thought you could find these shoes at Sears? In a different search, I even found a pretty cool At The Drive In EP.

If there was something like this in Minneapolis, I’d have my holiday shopping done, wrapped, and in my car in 4 hours flat.

A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Dan Steinman, NearbyNow’s VP of Customer Relations. It was fun to talk about local search behavior, online search/offline purchases, and how I’m not the hugest fan of that mall here in the Twin Cities area… the one with the amusement park… and that camp formerly known as Snoopy. 😉

My nickel is on this portal coming to a mall near you.

Also see Greg Sterling’s Screenwerk blog post about NearbyNow.


2 Responses to NearbyNow is at Your (San Jose) Mall

  1. You can now search every rack in seconds flat at Eastridge online

    Eastridge is the first mall in the US to launch a product search function on the mall website.  You can now browse every rack in Eastridge from one web site!

    Locate the stores that have your items
    Find out about sales and promotions
    See what’s …

  2. […] August I mentioned NearbyNow, a company who provides shopping malls with online real-time physical inventory and information. At […]

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