Fallon Agency – Brawny Academy Campaign

The Duluth News Tribune syndicates an article regarding Minneapolis ad agency, Fallon Worldwide and their newer Brawny Academy campaign.

Paper towels aren’t exactly exciting, so the premise is to brand Brawny paper towels in a humorous way. In this case, it’s an online reality show type campaign teaching men to be better husbands by learning how to clean (who says we’re pigs, anyway?!).

In episode one, the guys were in a honeymoon period (calm before the storm) being fed great food and endless beer in a plush cabin. One of the men stated “you know, um… this was all about us and enjoying ourselves. We were opening up and laughing, and it almost seemed like we were single again”. Ouch!

This was probably the most “reality” programming I’ve watched in quite awhile. I got a kick out of it! Whether this Fallon Brawny Man campaign is working or not will be decided by the powers that be.

A buddy and myself hoofed it to the Twins game tonight. On the way home, I stopped at the local C-store to get a hoagie. They had a Brawny paper towel display up front, I was running low, so I impulsively bought a roll. I guess the campaign earned 2 whopping dollars of revenue from me because of it. 😉


One Response to Fallon Agency – Brawny Academy Campaign

  1. […] Brawny Academy: Paper Towels and Hollywood? In late August, I blogged about the Brawny Academy campaign. It’s a very creative way (via online reality show) to put excitement in something so boring as a paper towel. This has turned out to be a great viral marketing campaign. Hey, I hate reality TV and I’m hooked! Chris Lawrence of Fallon will be presenting. […]

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