SES Local Search Marketing Conference – Denver

Later this month, the first ever SES Local Search Marketing conference will be held in Denver, Colorado. There’s a lot to cover in just one day, although between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm you’ll be able to register, grab some coffee, see up to five presentations, hit the sponsor and exhibit hall, and still have enough time to network.

Many people think of “Local Search” as a subset of search engine marketing (SEM). For many who will attend, they’ll find out that the opposite is true. SEM is definitely a subset as Local Search and bringing local customers to your door.

I won’t be at the event, but can recommend a few sessions:

Local Search Marketing Tactics
At the recent SES San Jose conference, I attended the local search session. Looking around the audience, there were a bunch of wide-eyes and heads nodding up and down thinking “yeah, I understand that”. Two of the presenters (Patricia Hursh and Justin Sanger) will be speaking at this session in Denver.

Local Search Ads
This session should have some good nuggets that even the most savvy search engine advertisers can pick up.

Meet the Local Search Engines
I normally wouldn’t recommend a “meet the engines” panel, simply because they’re often presentations to plug their own search engines, and nothing else. From listening to one of Paul Levine’s teleconferences, and word-of-mouth input from Jake Baillie’s presentations, this is not the case.

It should be more than worthwhile for the attendees. If you’re interested in local search marketing, but don’t fully understand it, you’ll most likely leave the conference “getting” it, bringing lots of ideas back to your company.

SES Local Search Denver – Press Release 


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