Minnesota Interactive Marketing Summit 2006

On October 4, 2006, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) is putting together its annual MIMA Summit. There are many reasons that large and small businesses alike will want to attend.

There will be 2 keynote addresses, including one with Michelle Collins, writer and blogger for VH1’s Best Week Ever, approximately 14 sessions, plus an open mic session, all on topics such as web analytics, site structure, online advertising, viral marketing, and consumer-generated media, just to name a few. Some recommended sessions are…

Brawny Academy: Paper Towels and Hollywood?
In late August, I blogged about the Brawny Academy campaign. It’s a very creative way (via online reality show) to put excitement in something so boring as a paper towel. This has turned out to be a great viral marketing campaign. Hey, I hate reality TV and I’m hooked! Chris Lawrence of Fallon will be presenting.

Site Architecture: Actionable or Afterthought?
Jake Baillie, President of TrueLocal, is a very well-known and respected speaker, and regularly presents at search marketing conferences across the country. He’ll be speaking on site architecture, search engine-friendly Web sites, common pitfalls, and how marketing and IT share responsibilities.

Consumer-Generated Media (CGM)
Andrew Eklund, CEO of Minneapolis-based Ciceron, will speak on CGM and how important the “average Joe” is regarding user-generated web content, and how to take advantage of it. Yup, they’re talking about you (online)!

Assembling Your Internet Marketing Toolbox
The session will include a few speakers, including MIMA member Ward Tongen (Wardo) from Medtronic on cool tips and tools you can use to take Internet marketing capabilities to the next level, and to amaze your peers and bosses. 😉

The sessions above are just a few of many. Between these, there will be enough time for networking, schmoozing, food…

Did I mention the happy hour from 5:30 – 7:30?

MIMA Summit 2006 (in case you missed the link above)

Directions and registration information


4 Responses to Minnesota Interactive Marketing Summit 2006

  1. Chris Dohman says:

    hey paul,

    blog looks great! i’ll be back.

    are you going to make it to the summit? i’m not sure yet if i am going. one bit of additional info though is the price goes up after september 15th. the registration page says BEFORE the 15th is $145 and AFTER the 15th is $195 for members. not sure what that means if you register ON september 15th. do you know?


  2. Chris Dohman says:

    I just heard back from MIMA Secretary & Communications Chair Julie Vollenweider. The discount WILL be honored ON the 15th. On the 16th the price goes up $50 for members and $100 for non-members.

  3. localmn says:

    Thanks for that info, Chris. That’s definitely great to know.

    Yup, I’ll be there the whole day. 12 hours of knowledge and fun!


  4. […] I was excited going to work at FL this morning because I had a bunch of new office gizmos from last night’s MIMA Summit. One problem – I forgot to bring my laptop.  When I got there, I arranged my new toys (the VISI juggling balls/hacky sacks rock), had a phone meeting with my boss, and then colored with crayons for about a half hour. I then got bored and went home to get the laptop. […]

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