Viral Marketing – Morsekode Agency

Too often in the search industry, we forget about viral marketing. Sure there are methods like link baiting and those silly SEO contests, but how often do these benefit actual clients?

In a recent Star Tribune article (subscription required), they write on how Minneapolis-area marketing/advertising/branding agency Morsekode uses viral marketing to generate buzzworthy campaigns. What’s unique about Morsekode is how they combine musical sensibilities and business savviness.

“We are like a recording studio for brands,” said Morse, 39, in his Bloomington offices, where a vocal booth, guitars and other instruments add to the studio vibe.

One successful viral campaign was for software solutions, SAP. They created a rap song about a SAP product and sent it to them by email. 30,000 downloads and a mentioning on Wall Street Journal later, Morsekode is now working on a 6th project with SAP. It shows you what can happen when professionalism meets buzzworthy.

This might actually hit home (literally). Partly because I grew up in a musical family and graduated college with a music degree. Plus I recognize the name and face, and am pretty sure I grew up going to the same church in Rochester (MN) as he and his family (I might have to confirm that).

In the search industry (especially Local Search), there are many viral marketing opportunities out there from consumer-generated content like user reviews, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, just to name a few. Combine this with a lot of creative thought, and an effective viral campaign just might reveal itself.


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