Working in the 70s – Forgot Laptop


I was excited going to work at FL this morning because I had a bunch of new office gizmos from last night’s MIMA Summit. One problem – I forgot to bring my laptop.  When I got there, I arranged my new toys (the VISI juggling balls/hacky sacks rock), had a phone meeting with my boss, and then colored with crayons for about a half hour (Christy and Kyle have originals to prove it). I then got bored and went home to get the laptop.

It made me wonder what office professionals did before the Internet, or even computers for that matter. In the mid-to-late 70s, I occasionally got the treat to go visit my Dad at work. I wasn’t sure what he did. His office was nice, but I was busy, well, coloring.

He was (still is) an accountant, so I imagine that he had ledger sheets and a cool, new automatic pencil sharpener at his desk.  Maybe he’ll be nice and scan/email me a picture of him working back then to replace the picture above. 🙂


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