Citysearch Revisited


In November 2004, I wrote on how search engines and Internet yellow pages (IYPs) were really starting to work well with each other. Included was a chunk on Citysearch and how their listings were constantly visible in Google search results (also noted in a blog post a couple months back). In fact, the three examples given are still prevalent in Google (and often Yahoo) today:

pizza joints in Seattle
day spa Miami
martini bar Minneapolis

Martini Blu has been a pretty constant result the whole time, which can probably contribute to the over 40 mixed user reviews dating back to October, 2002.

Citysearch hasn’t always been the buzz regarding user-generated media, but they’ve been visible the whole time. The Local Onliner’s Peter Krasilovsky talks with new EVP Scott Morrow about what’s in store for the future.

In a nutshell, we can look forward to a more local look, ramped up editorial efforts, new third party content providers, and a renewed focus on user-generated content.

My nickel is on Citysearch having a very good 2007. They already have the content and visibility. There’s a reason that IAC chairman and CEO Barry Diller says their (content) quality puts everyone else to shame. It’s not because of


3 Responses to Citysearch Revisited

  1. Chris Dohman says: may not be on the level of google yet but they are working on some interesting stuff and going in the right direction. I think the main problem of “national” local sites like citysearch is they just don’t quite have a real local feel. The reviews are nice but i don’t get a sense of community or any personality. I guess that still leaves a void in the local market.

  2. […] This didn’t take long, although they were already putting the finishing touches on it. Since a recent Citysearch post about an upcoming re-branding effort, they have now launched a new SMS-based mobile search feature. Just text a search term.zipcode (pizza.55401), and send it to CS411 (27411). I just figured they always had something like this. […]

  3. […] has been very strong in user reviews long before it became popular in search marketing, and is keeping busy so far in 2007 with a new, […]

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