Citysearch and Mobile Search


This didn’t take long, although they were already putting the finishing touches on it. Since a recent Citysearch post about an upcoming re-branding effort, they have now launched a new SMS-based mobile search feature. Just text a search term.zipcode (pizza.55401), and send it to CS411 (27411). I just figured they always had something like this.

I did try the standard “pizza” search and found some pretty relevant results along with their “best of” 10-point rating system.

Many visitors might search for a health club when in town, so I did a text for gym.55401 and sent it off. The first mobile result that came back was a 9.9 rated personal training studio that happens to have over 20 raving reviews on the Citysearch site.

That might not be the most relevant result for a visitor searching for a gym, but it kinda’ makes me want to join. It’s only 6 blocks from here… and I sit at a computer for much of the day. 😉 The 2nd and 3rd (of 4) results were for standard health clubs in downtown Minneapolis. The 4th was for a yoga studio just outside of downtown.

Hat tip to the SEW Blog.


One Response to Citysearch and Mobile Search

  1. Brandi Bormuth says:

    Great service. I love it and use it all the time.

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