MTV and MSN to Promote Windows Live Local Search

MediaPost Article:

MTV and MSN’s Windows Live Local Search are partnering up to promote Quad Squads, mtvU reality series’ that takes rival colleges, and has them compete to create niche marketing strategies for larger brands such as Snickers and Amp’d Mobile. This series is between the University of Illinois and Indiana University and is reportingly starting Wednesday.

The challenge is to promote MSN’s Live Local to their respective University peers. To quote the MediaPost article above, “you have the target market doing the marketing for the company”. The show could be addicting, kind of like the Brawny Academy.

mtvU isn’t the biggest media outlet around, but it’s slick and targets the college-age audience. Maybe this can give MSN a buzz since Yahoo and Google have a much bigger local search share.

Real World Seattle

I know, this picture doesn’t have to do with the MTV/MSN promotion, but it’s the last time I actually got into MTV (does that date me?). I lived in the Seattle area during that Real World season and it was cool to see the episodes, recognizing almost everywhere they went (like the Pike Place Market sign in the background – although I don’t see the Rachel – the bronze pig in that picture). 🙂


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