Google Ads In Your Local Newspaper

Google is going print, and they’re launching a program to test run-of-press advertisements in over 50 major newspapers. The idea is to fill oveflow house ads with ones from over 100 select Google advertisers. 

It’s too early to tell how it will pan out, but I do like the fact that newspapers themselves control the ads. If they don’t like any of them, they won’t get the ROP. Advertisers will use the AdWords platform and have the ability to upload their artwork directly.

Among the newspapers participating are select ones from Gannett, the Tribune Company, and the Washington Post and New York Times Companies.

News from just five hours ago is that the McClatchy Co. will be joining the party (subscription required), and I was excited to see this as they run the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. Unfortunately, the Strib is not one of the six participating McClatchy papers.

Business Week article

New York Times article

Greg Sterling writes about this on his Screenwerk Blog.

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