Quigo, the New York Daily, and Contextual Advertising

About a week late, but Quigo has reached a deal with the New York Daily News to provide their AdSonar private-label pay-per-click contextual advertising solutions. This adds to their platform of over 250 local and regional online newspapers and media sites, plus their recent partnership with Twin Cities-based Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

The one thing I love about Quigo’s advertising is it lets local advertisers utilize pay-per-click campaigns in trusted online newspapers, where faithful users visit everyday to look for local news, weather, and sports. The cost is more than reasonable. You can choose which sections of your local online news ads appear in from business, sports, real estate sections, and more.

The one thing I do not love is a great local ad could be in the middle of  global spammy “lose weight” or “Lasik” ads as shown in a newspaper’s Lifestyle section here:

spammy ads

It’s safe to assume these ads bring in mass revenue. Whether a well-written and compelling local ad should be included is up in the air. It could either stand out as the “one” relevant ad, or simply blend in with the rest. You be the judge.

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One Response to Quigo, the New York Daily, and Contextual Advertising

  1. […] I’ve given my 2 cents from time to time. I love the idea of user-generated content in online newspapers, and I hate spammy contextual advertising within compelling news articles. […]

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