St Paul Pioneer Press and Others Ally with Yahoo HotJobs

The St. Paul Pioneer Press ( writes a great article regarding their new ally with Yahoo and HotJobs. If you get a “subscription required” message, you can check out this general press release from ERE Media, Inc. Over 150 newspapers are joining the party.

What surprised me at first is that they currently have a relationship with, which is a larger entity than HotJobs. This quote helps explain it though:

“Right now we’ve got great audience numbers (online), but we’re not necessarily able to turn that into revenue,” said Par Ridder, publisher of the Pioneer Press. The deal with Yahoo aims to help turn that around at, the newspaper’s Web site.

Hopefully newspapers are starting to realize that search engines such as Yahoo and Google can be a strategic business alliance, and not just a competitor. Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) have long figured this out. Why not newspapers? Another quote from the article I like:

“The world is changing very rapidly and we think we need a partner,” said Dean Singleton, chief executive of Denver-based MediaNews Group Inc., the new owner of the Pioneer Press. “Doing it alone will just take too long.”

I would love for this to be a start of creating a full informational and easier local advertising portal. This might be a reach, but some newspapers have figured this out a long time ago (ironically, the Sacramento Bee uses careerbuilder).

Everyday, I check out either the online Pioneer Press or Star Tribune for local news, weather, and sports. Why? Because they are by far the most trusted informational sources out there. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything via their respective Web sites though. Hopefully, that will someday change.

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