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For those in the search marketing business, most have their favorite forums, blogs, news sources, and Google alerts. I wanted to point out the newer WebProNews Video Blog for a few reasons:

  1. They’ve done a great job making it personable.  It mostly consists of well-known search marketers discussing a wide variety of topics. You see their names and sometimes headshots in numerous articles and blogs, but seeing them via video makes it more compelling.
  2. They’ve done a nice job putting these together. Video blogs are still fairly new, but you can tell they put thought and professionalism in them.
  3. There are some expert Minnesota representations. 😉

Many newer videos are from the latest PubCon held earlier this month in Vegas. Overall, interesting pieces include:

Minneapolis’ own Lee Odden from TopRank Online Marketing discussing blogs, how people perceive mainstream and common media, and a good understanding of themes distinguishing editorial from adversarial content.

Matt Cutts from some company called Google talks about the change in people from focusing on Google rankings to different social media services, whether it’s from Digg, Reddit, or any place where the traffic converts well. People are now out-creating each other from different and innovative outlets instead of out-ranking each other on Google.

Heather Lloyd-Martin from Success Works talks about quality content and how it can bring natural links to a site, high ranking scraper sites and their low conversion rates, and how proper SEO and PPC campaigns can give you a lot of real estate in search results.

Podcasting’s “Soccergirl” (soccer is cool) gives a glimpse of her success story, the controversy about showing her boobs (nope, she doesn’t), and how podcasting is a good vehicle for getting a message out to a large amount of people.

There are many more videos, and these can give a good heads-up to those who only focus their search marketing efforts on where their site appears in search engines. There are too many other outlets out there.

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