Finally, a Reason to Use “Click to Call”

This has bugged me for awhile, and maybe I’m not up-to-speed as I’d like to be in mobile search marketing. 😉

I haven’t paid much attention to “click to call” technology until Google started using it in their map results.


If you find this listing, you see a phone number (intentionally blurred out) along with a “call” link. If you “click to call”, you enter your phone digits on your keyboard, hit enter, your phone rings, you answer, a voice says “connecting” and you hear the phone ring on the other end.

I haven’t figured out how this is easier than just pushing 10 digits.

A Mobility Today article surfaced with a YouTube video showing how Windows Live Local is now integrating with mobile (beta). A few minutes into the video,  they showed how you could find something and click to call from your cell phone. That makes sense. It’s easier than remembering 10 digits.

A article gave a good mention of this over a month ago, and the SEW Blog writes about Microsoft’s deal with Sprint, both articles showing how it’s monetized.

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