ShopLocal and Online Search Driving Offline Purchases


ShopLocal just issued a press release about consumers who search and check for online deals, and then spend more on additional products at their local stores.

The majority of respondents (56 percent) went to the online advertising circulars specifically to browse sales and discounts before purchasing and another 35 percent cited new specials piqued their interest.

As a Christmas consumer, I also checked out online circulars and found other items that piqued my interest. An example is from ShopLocal’s circular for Best Buy in the Minneapolis area. More on that below.

“Online purchasing offers convenience but lacks the social aspects of in-store shopping, such as seeing, feeling and holding items and it offers the greatest satisfaction of walking away with something right away and having it in-hand.”, said Bob Armour, chief marketing officer for ShopLocal.

This quote is subjective. Many people like to shop online, period. Many more (including myself) will drive 15 minutes out of the way to hit a Best Buy for a present, check out the headphones I saw in the online circular, then decide on the ones right next to it that I thought were better, then walk around to buy a gift bag, some rechargeable batteries and a “Dandy Warhols” CD.

Present wrapped and 2 toys for me in under a half hour. 😉

I’m big into time management, and often buy online because of it. This is one example where I could see and feel the products, and ultimately save time over an online purchase.

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