“But How Can I be #1 in Google Local?”


Run a great local business. That’s how.

This has bugged me for awhile. More people are asking this, similar to those who insist having #1 natural Google rankings for their favorite keyword phrases equals money. What if the site sucks? No banana.

No Banana

There are search marketers out there that have done some fantastic research regarding Google Maps/Local algorithms and respective local search results, and it should be noted. There are also many good “how to” articles out there. Back in August 2005, I gave my 2 cents about Google Local in a Search Engine Guide piece. Is it still relevant? That’s not for me do decide. I’m not a business owner who read the article.

With that said, online marketing alone doesn’t guarantee a #1 Google local listing. Businesses have to be established and back it up. Are income tax clients happy? Do you have the best pizza in town? Does your high-end auto repair shop draw repeat business (well, hopefully not too repeat)? 😉 People talk, they talk online, they give online reviews, Google notices it… banana!

I’m not a betting man. But, if you do your own local search query, I will guess that you have heard of the business listed #1 in Google Local somewhere other than online.

Many in the search marketing industry network with niche specialists. I do the same. In this niche, I have tended to lean more toward offline marketing and PR (no, not PageRank) professionals. It just seems like the logical place to get input on what makes local businesses tick.

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One Response to “But How Can I be #1 in Google Local?”

  1. Shantelle Knickerbocker says:

    I was just talking to my PPC partner about this very topic. You must be psychic or something!

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