Social Media and Search – Who’s Really in Charge?

Social media has been huge in the search marketing industry lately. You have to get “dugg”. You need a huge blogroll. You have to figure out a way to incorporate YouTube. The list goes on.

Who’s in charge of social media? I suppose the users themselves, although it was a bit surprising to hear about Digg’s community portal now banning sites (I know, I’m late to the party). I have the “Digg it” bookmark on this blog, but will probably just leave it off for future posts. Nothing against them, but it seems like more of a scheme to promote popularity contests rather than being a useful marketing tool for my target audience.

Regarding users in social media, I attended a fantastic social search session at the 2006 San Jose SES conference. One of the panelists brought up Blinkx, a cool tool to search for audio and video media clips, then spelled it out since it has an odd spelling. Immediately after, Chris Pirillo promptly grabbed his mic to spell out another important word for social search and blogs:


Out of all the tools mentioned, that statement stuck with me the most. In fact, if I had a blog budget I’d be inclined to pay a writer for this thing… probably someone like the owner of the new “SEO Jealous” blog, giving us insight on who really is in charge and why we are just too lame to monetize social search. 😉

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