High Rankings Seminar is Coming to Minneapolis

Jill Whalen and her High Rankings Seminar is coming to Minneapolis on March 15th and 16th. I highly recommend it for businesses who really want to learn more about search marketing.

She is bringing a fastastic crew with her, and feel free to check out the seminar information in more detail. They know their stuff, period.

I started dabbling in search marketing sometime in 2001. I thought I knew it all until coming across the High Rankings forum sometime in 2003, suddenly realizing that I didn’t know jack.

I then became involved in the forum, quickly learned that search marketing was about conversions and acquiring customers, and not just where your favorite phrase appears in Google. Before I knew it, Jill invited me as a guest to the December 2003 Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Way… cool. I can certainly thank her and her crew for successes that I’ve had.

This will actually be Jill’s second visit to Minneapolis as she presented to FindLaw in the Spring of 2005. Now she’s bringing a crew. I’m especially excited to meet copywriting expert Karon Thackston. I’ve known her for over three years, but have yet to meet her in person.

This crew simply takes the BS out of search marketing. They know search. They know user behavior. They know how real people use the Internet, and they know how to market toward them.

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