Got Some Love from the “City Pages”

City Pages Blotter 

I can’t claim originality on this. A few days ago, Aaron Weiche from the Find Buffalo (MN) blog (which is a fantastic source for Buffalo businesses and residences) posted that City Pages gave him the Minnesota Blog of the Day.

So, why not submit this blog to their list? I guess they liked it, at least enough to feature it as a new Minnesota Blog of the Day. The funny part is it’s listed right between mentions of the world’s stupidest tattoos and an article about a Slovakian driver who crashed his car while masturbating with a vacuum pump. 🙂

They list some pretty cool blogs in there. Some are business blogs, some are personal, some are community blogs like Aaron’s, and there’s even one about Minneapolis vs. St. Paul.

Somehow Seth Godin’s blog is in there. He has nothing to do with Minnesota, but it’s a good blog nonetheless. Either a City Pages staff member really liked it, or some SEO link monger spammed it in for him, which would be a bit strange considering his past stance on SEO.

With the Internet age in 2.0, many newspapers fall behind in grabbing loyal online audiences. What City Pages is promoting with community blogs is beyond what most are doing. Alternative weekly papers like this normally have a more loyal following, and this enhances it.

For those unfamiliar with the City Pages, they are the Twin Cities main alternative newspaper, similar to the NYC Village Voice and the LA Weekly (both sister papers).

Christy from FindLaw busted me today about the localmn links. I preach about paying no attention to the silly, green Google PageRank score, but apparently bragged about getting a couple PR6 links to the localmn blog.

January 25 Update: Congratulations to Lee, Thomas, and Karen of TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog for being today’s City Pages Blog of the Day.

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3 Responses to Got Some Love from the “City Pages”

  1. Aaron says:

    I think your better than the original! 🙂 Nice work as always.

  2. Paul says:

    I just think the blogs in there are cool! 🙂 I had no idea the list existed ’til I saw your findbuffalo blog post!

  3. Aaron says:

    Agreed. I wish more local MN publications, even Star Trib should, compile these types of lists instead of just pushing their own product/blogs. City Pages is to be commended as not only have they put this list together, but they also single us out and get us extra attention as bloggers. That gets props in my book. I’m also happy to give you a little tidbit for all that you have opened me up to.

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