Superbowl Commercials, Garmin, GPS, Fallon, and Mobile Search

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Twin Cities-based Fallon Agency is going to the Superbowl with Garmin to create an ad spot. Spendy? Sure, but maybe it will work just fine.

Fallon states that the challenge for Garmin is to be recognized as the (personal navigation and mobile GPS) indsutry leaders over their competitors, such as TomTom. I just might be part of their target market. I’ve heard of Garmin before and generally understand what they provide, but will remember TomTom first because their ads are always on TV.

Looking further, you can buy Garmin software for Blackberries and compatible cell phones, combining GPS with mobile search features. Now I want one! I’m a guy and (by default) like playing with maps and gadgets, even when I refuse to admit that I’m lost. 😉

I did find the Garmin blog while reading Jeremy Zawodny’s take and appreciation of it, and am crossing my fingers to win a cool freebee from the Superbowl (I’m assuming) TV shoot because of it.

Yao Ming?

Either they gave it away by forgetting to take out the alt text, or they’re really sneaky.  🙂

Update: A few people beat me to it. No ba-na-na.

Jan. 24 2007 Update: Article regarding Garmin’s Superbowl ad in the Kansas City Star.

Speaking of Superbowl commercials, which one of these five user-generated spots will make the cut?

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