New Google Penalty

No, not really. There has been a lot of lingo lately about different Google “bans” and “penalties”. Sometimes it’s about duplicate content or the sandbox myth, and sometimes on the infamous -30 or 950 penalties.

Sometimes it may just be the site itself.

Tongue-in-cheek? Sure. I would normally like to make some comments, but all I can say is… Amen, DG.

Somewhat related… The blog-tag thing is a big, giant link farm. 😉


January 26 Update: Not only did I fail to credit the source, but I didn’t have enough creativity to come up with a unique title. 🙂 I’m guessing he won’t mind though. Hat tip to the SEOBook post.

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2 Responses to New Google Penalty

  1. DG says:

    >>The blog-tag thing is a big, giant link farm. 😉

    Yes it is. Effective too. It’s down to 19 or 20 generations of backlinks now. Gotta run, new penalties to research, I hear that blog authors that use two initials as their byline or reference animal noises are being penalized now… ; )

  2. Paul says:

    Normally I’d reference monkey noises, but I suppose they don’t live on farms 🙂 … On top of that, I didn’t credit the source. All fixed now. Thanks for stopping by DG and fill me in on the new research!

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