GoogleTube, and Viral Video Marketing’s Best

Google recently announced that YouTube video results will now appear in the Google Video search index. From an industry perspective, it’s interesting since Google’s acquisition of YouTube gives them another top 5 global brand ranking, according to Reuters.

From a user perspective, it made me curious and decided to do some Google Video searches on local Minnesota companies, media, and music. Are the new video search results relevant? And are entities taking advantage of this by branding? Are users branding for them?

Minneapolis is pretty well-known for its ad agencies, so I wanted to start there. After a little frustration, I did find a collection of work from the Fallon Agency by doing a Fallon Minneapolis video search. Google Video’s algorithm did a pretty decent job by displaying some of their different productions and TV spots.

For viral video marketing, a company called Sleepy Eye Flix came up on searches for different ad agencies. If you click on anything in this post, make sure to view this invitation that was sent to an agency. It’s hilarious, and ingenious.

 This is sweet

The invite is for a January 31 Fearless Filmmakers screening about viral videos. I’m not as privy as many of the attendees, so I’m probably going to go because I want to see their creativity and how their minds tick. Plus, it’s only 9 bucks.

Some companies do submit their own work to Google Video and YouTube, and many videos are submitted by users. Here are some other interesting ones I found:

WCCO – Includes some fun, retro 80’s news segments

City Pages – Looks like they’ve proactively gone after this market a little bit

KTTC – My hometown (Rochester) news source is pretty well represented

Minnesota Orchestra – I was a bit dissapointed as the results weren’t very relevant, but there is a great Beethoven Piano Concerto series listed from the Minnesota Sinfonia. It appears to be submitted by the (then 18 year-old) pianist himself.

Cardinal Sin – I was surprised to see relevant results for this. This Minneapolis band is no longer, but my buddy’s lil’ bro fronted it. I rarely saw them, because apparently I’m old and go to bed early.

Dillinger Four – Well-known Minneapolis punk band. If you are easily offended, by anything at all, do not click to see these video shots. If you do click and are unfamiliar with D4, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Paddy won’t apologize 😉

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2 Responses to GoogleTube, and Viral Video Marketing’s Best

  1. Thanks for the comments on our little invite…

  2. Paul says:

    Im happy to mention it! I’ll be the web geek with the “deer in headlights” look. 😉

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