Testing Yahoo’s “Panama” Geo-Targeted Advertising

I haven’t checked into the new Yahoo’s Panama sponsored search too much yet, mostly because of the “on and off” talks about their geo-targeting feature. After reading a great ClickZ piece about Yahoo Local advertising options (post-Panama), I decided to put a small campaign together for a local company.

I literally haven’t done a standard Yahoo PPC campaign for 2 years, but they made it really easy and similar to a Google AdWords structure.

So, the geo-targeting feature! Initially, I was thinking you have a choice between Cities and Metros, States, Provinces, etc… plus an option to designate a radius of “x” miles from a city or zip. It didn’t appear to give me the radius option, so I just chose the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, then clicked to show the designated map…

Targeted area for Minneapolis and St. Paul

I’m not sure if this targeted area is 100% correct. If so, someone in Bemidji might see the ads. That’s a long drive. For this particular company, it’s fine as they can actually take clients nationwide. If the ad is for an auto shop, sushi bar, or retail outlet, it would probably be a stretch for someone to get in their car and drive four hours.

I do like the dynamically inserted keyword option. They make it eee-zzeee. You can include them in your title, short, and long description.

Dynamically inserted keywords

We’ll see how this works. It’s just a small campaign, but hopefully it will give a good measurement on how viable it would be for a larger local campaign.

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