The Many Blogs of the Star Tribune

I’m a little late to the party as the majority of these blogs have been up since the beginning of January, some of them before that. I just noticed the many blogs of the Star Tribune (hopefully you’ll be able to skip the whole registration thing. If not, sorry).

What’s especially nice is they don’t seem to filter much out. The majority of these blogs are already quite busy. You get some editorial thoughts or questions, and users chime into with their opinions. Some of these agree with the author, and some don’t… and can be quite harsh. As a user, I like being able to read different people’s opinions, then come up with my own viewpoint. To me, that’s news.

The Strib’s community blog and entertainment source should also be noted at and, respectively.

Thank you Strib.

One post came from the OmBlog on the importance of developing journalism ethics online. The interesting part is a link within it regarding ethical decision-making in digital media.

As just one of a ton of niche bloggers, I’m certainly not a journalist, nor will I ever claim to be. But, should we be trying to follow these rules in general, especially if part of the blog’s existence is to help promote a business or organization? I’ve certainly made tongue-in-cheek remarks on this blog regarding different issues that something like a newspaper blog would not.

I’m probably going to continue to write about “stuff” whether it’s considered journalistically ethical or not, but I’m curious if there are any opinions…

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2 Responses to The Many Blogs of the Star Tribune

  1. GL HOFFMAN says:

    i hope you keep writing about them, actually, they need the help.

    like your blog by the way…~GL

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks, and I’m glad you like the blog GL!

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