The Real One is a Chef

A couple weeks ago I made a comment to this LinkedIn Answers inquiry stating something like “it might be better PR to just let it rest”.

Just let it go already

15 minutes later, I received a very nice “are you kidding?” email with a “lesson” on making search results more relevant.

So here’s my part.

I’m guessing people have actually heard of this Mr. Pasternack, which wins my “name vote” for Google. I don’t know how often that site is updated, but if Chef Pasternack makes a 2007 tour and hits Minneapolis, I’ll be there and will even bring my own napkin.

For those outside of the search marketing industry and are thinking “what?”, a WebGuerrilla blog post sums everything up quite nicely.

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2 Responses to The Real One is a Chef

  1. Lee says:

    I’m with you Paul – the whole thing is getting very old. Yet again today ANOTHER article was posted to MediaPost from one of “not real” Pasternack’s brethren. I think DMNews and MediaPost editors should really do more due diligence in the editorial validity of the content they publish.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks much Lee… and there’s a new article now? Ugh.

    In the end, I’m hoping a New York chef gets some good press because of it. The menu sure looks good 🙂

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