“Need Something” Ad Campaign – Part 2 is continuing their successful 2006 Need Something campaign for 2007. I wrote a piece about their initial campaign around this time last year, as they were the first to really bring local search mainstream.

The ads are humorous, and to the point, and it apparantly paid off. I’m looking forward to seeing the new TV spots.

Originally, the interesting part was the cooperative competition they utilized. In January 2006, announced a distribution agreement with Yahoo Local. What does this mean? Well, Yahoo is smart enough to have their local result pages optimized well enough to do quite well in Google.

Does that mean your advertisements will land you in Google for search results? Nope, and here’s an example with their own “chimney sweep” ad:

Chimney Sweeps in Minneapolis
Yahoo Local
Google – featuring the same Yahoo Local results at the top – no featured advertisements

Maybe just doing the local Yahoo free or $9.95/month does the trick. As much as I love the ads, I haven’t seen a lot of correlation between them and the Yahoo local results.

Other notes: launches user reviews

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2 Responses to “Need Something” Ad Campaign – Part 2

  1. AhmedF says:

    Google link is slightly off 🙂 [can delete this comment once fixied]

  2. Paul says:

    My bad – thanks for the heads up, Ahmed! 🙂

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