Local Search Marketing Growth Forecasts are Split

Actually, I just like the official article title of Local Search is Set to Explode – or Not. Hey, you can be certain that one of the two will happen! 🙂

As it stands now, overall local internet spending is behind in growth, accounting for around 25 percent versus 75 percent for national advertisers, according to Borrell, whereas in traditional media the breakdown is closer to 50-50.

That’s not surprising, but interesting. There are a lot of numbers thrown out there in local search and this breaks it down nicely. Why is local spending behind? Could be a few things:

  • Lower local business adoption (they’re used to the Yellow Pages)
  • Irrelevant results
  • People just use the Web to buy online, thank you

Jupiter believes big national marketers will remain the largest spenders in local search. “Local marketers are not yet completely convinced about local search,” says Sapna Satagopan, associate analyst at Jupiter Research.

I’ll buy that. Many have already started. They have a national presence, with hundreds or even thousands of “local” locations, and have staff that follow Internet marketing trends.

As of now, smaller local companies can compete with the big brands. Personally, I like seeing results of both, and then making a decision. Hey, sometimes it’s Best Buy and sometimes it’s The Electric Fetus.

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6 Responses to Local Search Marketing Growth Forecasts are Split

  1. Ken Clark says:

    Advertisers use to use Yellow Pages?? US adults referenced them over 15 billion times last year. And that’s just the print versions. 90% of all adults reference them at least once a year, 75% in a typical month, and 50+% on average month. How about on average 1.4X each week? I don’t think the $26 billion spent world wide indicates the print media is dead. Not by a long shot.

    If that was the case why are invesotrs continuing to spend billions buying Yellow Pages publishers???

    There is no other directional media that can provide buyers the information they need when they need it about local businesses than the print Yellow Pages. It is truly the original local search engine….

    But if you insist, that same Yellow Pages sales rep can also help small to mid-sized business include local search and Internet based products as part of an overall media program.

  2. Paul says:

    Absolutely disagree and am glad that I do
    Agree – sales reps are good at selling stuff

  3. Angela says:

    Hilarous rant. Clark, the yellow pages world is OVER. I use mine for a door stop as does most of the under 50 crowd. As for the statistic of “15 billion” references …how are you capturing that data? Not that it’s relavant. Compared to the “references” logged on the net, which incidentally IS measurable, it’s miniscule. I’m sure that google alone gets that many “references” a month. My ad money is on the Net. Zero in yellow pages. Yellow pages doesn’t even have a category yet for my business! It’s a dinosaur and it’s not getting my ad dollars.

  4. Mike M says:

    I recently did a successful local search campaign for a client. Here is everything I did:


  5. Paul says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this Mike! I enjoyed reading it and found a couple bits I haven’t seen before.


  6. Paul says:

    I saw your comment and forgot to get back to it Angela and I love it! I have a few “Interweb” novice friends who probably use the print book… not sure I have one – maybe one from 2003 if so.

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