Google, Give St. Paul some Love

Thanks to Wardo for pointing it out, Ed Kohler from the Technology Evangelist gives us some good reasons why Google should open up a facility in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Why not? They’ve already made plans to open up niche operations in different parts of the country. Minnesotans are well known for being highly educated, and the Twin Cities is well known for being tech-savvy. Great arts, four major sporting teams, some goofy colossal mall, and a variety of whopping 350 vertical feet of ski/snowboard hills. Hey, we take what we can get! 😉 What more could you ask?

Ok, I’m digressing. See what Ed has to say on his idea on Google buying the Ford Twin Cities assembly plant. I’m liking it.

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3 Responses to Google, Give St. Paul some Love

  1. Ed Kohler says:

    Thanks for plugging it, Paul. Beer. Next week.

  2. John says:


    I googled “St. Paul Google” blogs and all I got was you and Ed Kohler.

    Funny cause the Mayor will be announcing next week an agreement with a major computer company to locate in St. Paul. I’m assuming its our friends at Google.

    Good work gents.

  3. Paul says:

    How cool would that be if it was to happen?

    It looks like the new announement is for the Internet Broadcasting Systems move from Mendota Heights to St. Paul.

    Still quite an announcement though. I didn’t realize IBS was up around 250 people.

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