Weasels Soccer and Gwar #2

One more non-business post to wrap up the weekend…

Congrats to the Weasels FC on a great win today, Danielle’s consistent tenacity, and Adam’s left-footed goal! We finished the indoor season 4-5, which isn’t bad considering the majority of us come close to qualifying for “over-40 huff-and-puff” leagues. I’ll see you guys in a month for outdoor!

Weasels Team Photo
(Not pictured: Ali, Heather, and Terra)

Plus, we also have a new, biggest fan. Joolie will be happy to know his name is Gwar #2.

Gwar #2

Some teamates asked me if this was our new mascot, but really… Danielle and Al deemed our mascot to be a weasel over seven years ago. You can’t replace tradition. Our weasel is too cool!


Apparently, “Dum Spiro, Spero” means something like “As long as we breathe, there’s still hope”. Since the majority of us are in our upper 30’s and often play against players a good ten years younger, we like to say “We’re not quite dead yet”. 🙂

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