Quick Thanks to a Mystery DMOZ Submitter/Editor

Posting’s been light lately, but I wanted to give a quick thanks to whoever put this blog in DMOZ. I noticed it first around a month ago, but didn’t really think anything of it.

How do I know someone else did it? Well, the obvious I suppose is that I never submitted it. 😉 Looking at the DMOZ description, it’s not one I would have written (although the one written is more than fine!).

I’ve only done a little bit of marketing for this blog, and absolutely zero traditional link building. So whoever you are, it’s appreciated.

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4 Responses to Quick Thanks to a Mystery DMOZ Submitter/Editor

  1. AhmedF says:

    Ah lucky indeed – getting into dmoz can be like pulling out a terrier’s teeth by hand 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    No doubt! Funny thing is when the main localmn site went up a few years ago, it took 2 submissions and 18 months to get in.

    I like this way better. Be lazy, do nothing, presto! It’s in dmoz. 🙂

  3. You’re in the army now Paul! Please post more, and pull down the cheesy photo of Wanger! he scares me!

  4. aaron says:

    I submitted to DMOZ in January, the day they fixed taking requests. I’ve also submitted to become an editor of the Buffalo, MN category due to my phat expertise. But alas … I haven’t heard a blip on either. I guess I shouldn’t care at all … but for some reason in bugs me. Nostalgia maybe? 🙂

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