Big Thanks to Aaron Weiche and Chris Dohman

Both Aaron Weiche from FindBuffalo and Chris Dohman from the MIMA search marketing blog approached me in consecutive months for local search interviews. It gave me a nice smile and it’s definitely appreciated.

Aaron did a local search one-on-one with both myself and Matt McGee from Small Business SEM. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Matt a couple times – last August at a San Jose conference, and a couple months ago while greeting him in Minneapolis w/ some FindLaw and other folks during a business trip of his. He’s even cooler in person.

Check out the MIMA blog for more of Chris Dohman’s interviews, including a new one with Nina Hale, and more to come.

The interviews were fun, and was a newer experience. I’m more passive than aggressive, and kept wondering how much I should pimp myself out, showcase great full-time job features at Aware Web … all that.

Thanks again to both Aaron Weiche and Chris Dohman.

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2 Responses to Big Thanks to Aaron Weiche and Chris Dohman

  1. aaron says:

    Paul- Thanks for your time, the interview was a ton of fun. I would say you should pimp away … but know that your expertise shows already in your answers and takes without calling attention to it. This won’t be the last time I tap into your know-how. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!

  2. Chris Dohman says:

    Hey Paul, it was great to have you kick off the MIMA member series of interviews. You did a superb job. Keep the great local info coming!

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