More Blog Tag and Five Reasons Why I Blog

Blog tag is making its rounds again. Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide got me for a second time. I’m still over a couple years from the big 4-0, you’d think I could run faster. 😉

The theme this time is five reasons why I blog, so here goes…

1) It takes me forever to write an article (just ask Jennifer). A blog post takes minutes. 

2) Some influential people have seen this blog and really like it. That alone keeps me excited to keep it going.

3) Ever since this blog started, I’ve worked FT outside of Localmn. I’ll take a client here and there, but don’t need to use this blog for plugging the business. I actually have fun pimpin’ other people and their companies, and will sometimes just write about “stuff”.

4) It’s a great way to stay current on both search marketing and local search trends (yes, they are two totally separate things).

5) I can encourage people to buy red Swingline staplers. You want Milton’s stapler… You need Milton’s stapler.

To once again keep a Minnesota theme, here is a video of Minnesota Wild’s Derek Boogaard playing tag.

In hopes to keep my old FL friends busier than their already busy day at work tomorrow, I hereby tag the following:

David Temple

Yer it.

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6 Responses to More Blog Tag and Five Reasons Why I Blog

  1. […] Jahn, who I like to call the Pope of Search Marketing, is playing blog tag on the subject of ‘5 reasons why I […]

  2. Julie says:

    I have but one thing to show you, Pablo:


  3. Paul says:


    Oh, that is good Joolie… Speaking of, I’m hoping Sarah is taking good care of Gwar #1?

  4. Julie says:

    Of course she is. Gwar #1 now speaks fluent Spanish.

  5. David Temple says:

    Wow I’m glad you didn’t tag me like Boogard. I liked the line “what would you rather do, ice your hand or ice your face?”.

  6. Paul says:

    That line is hilarious, David! 🙂

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