User-Generated Wired Magazine Cover?

Proof that when I don’t have something original, I can admittedly steal an idea from Dean at the Speaking Freely blog.

It’s been out for a bit, but you can create your own Wired Mag cover. I created one, and yes… the headlines are ficticious. 😉


Although ficticious, Ed Kohler and the Technology Evangelist blog pulled a great belated April Fools joke by stating that they replaced Don Imus. It created a huge buzz in the podcasting world. Good stuff as always, Ed!

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10 Responses to User-Generated Wired Magazine Cover?

  1. betweenstations says:

    Man, I’m going to do one with Gwar #1 on it when I hit the office…

  2. aaron says:

    My first Wired cover! YEs! I better get ready for the media poking into my background now that I’m in the public eye. Oh boy.

  3. Paul says:

    Joolie, I hate you.


  4. aaron says:

    Julie- That is the best link I have clicked on in months. Fabulous.

  5. […] This post is explicitly in honor of, and the fault of, Paul Jahn, Funk King of Minneapolis. […]

  6. Julie says:

    ha, this is a great day:

  7. Julie says:

    oops, didn’t come through:

    Paul now ranks for ‘funk king of minneapolis.’

  8. aaron says:

    Is Paul worthy of Google Bombing? It is a great day.

  9. Still one of the all time greats in Internet spam……

    It scares me a bit that Julie takes such glee in causing Pablo such emotional pain!

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