Least Dangerous Game and Twitter

I haven’t found too much interest for Twitter yet. It’s basically a “see what your friends are up to” toy via text messaging. The last couple days have made me think about it differently though.

The first I heard about it was from hangin’ with Ed Kohler at Grumpy’s a month or so ago. To prove that Web geeks actually have fun personalities, Ed recently got interviewed by Fox 9 News (scroll down and click the video link – and check out his reaction to winning the coffee shop gift card) regarding Twitter and playing something called the Least Dangerous Game.

Well, that does sound like fun and I just signed up now. The originator (Aric, who was also interviewed) finds a place in the Twin Cities, and sends out text message clues to his whereabouts. The first person to find him wins stuff. Here are some more details about it.

Somehow, I’m hoping a new Local or Mobile Search light bulb will appear regarding this, too. We’ll see soon enough. Nonetheless, it seems like a cool way to embrace the social Web, meet other Twin Cities techies and to even learn more about the Twin Cities itself.


On a similar note, I’ve been tagged again – this time by Aaron Weiche who started a Minnesota-themed blog meme. I’m going to pass it along even though Aaron thinks that Julie V’s photo prank on me is funny. 😉

Three things about Minnesota I enjoy are my family, friends, and the few days a year I can both snowboard and golf. Three people I’ll pass this to are:

Patrick Schaber – his blog will make you smarter. Really!
Ed Kohler – his personal blog. You’ll learn some things and laugh your ass off at the same time.
Metroblogging Twin Cities – I don’t know these people at all, but started checking out their blog around a week ago. It gives some cool and fun insights on living in the Twin Cities.

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2 Responses to Least Dangerous Game and Twitter

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  2. […] Love that blog name but Patrick’s obviously not as lonely as he thinks. He was tagged by Paul Jahn of LocalMN.com, a local search marketing guru, and was himself tagged by the originator of this […]

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