Favorite Posts of the Week and Kudos to the First Avenue

This is the second week of this, it probably won’t be weekly, but I like to give out plugs when I can.

Ed Kohler from The Deets gives his insight on the new Minneapolis WiFi rollout.

Aaron from the SEO Buzz Box gives a good view in what a few people are calling Google’s supplemental results Google Hell. He also keeps it real in a Matt Cutts’ blog comment. The Underpants Gnome SEO types probably don’t agree.

I mentioned CitySearch’s new layout in an earlier post, but Greg Sterling has some great and more detailed input regarding it.

Currently on iTunes: Just So You know – American Head Charge

This isn’t by accident. Four of us saw them last night at the First Avenue in Minneapolis. It winds up that one in our group purchased their Sight Line Seating. I always thought this set you back a good couple hundred bucks, but it literally only cost $35.00. The servers treated us like rock stars, and we got to enjoy a great show. The view was perfect and I’m too old to get pushed around on the floor. 🙂 Thank you First Avenue!

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2 Responses to Favorite Posts of the Week and Kudos to the First Avenue

  1. edkohler says:

    Too old for the floor? Now I’ve heard it all.

  2. Paul says:

    Sad, isn’t it?

    Hey, Head Charge brings mayhem. Give me a mulligan. 🙂

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