Nice Way for Yahoo Local to Encourage User Reviews

On Sunday, our rec league soccer team played a great game at the Augsburg College field. To celebrate our win (really, it doesn’t happen that often), a few of us headed across I94 to Tracy’s Saloon. I wound up ordering some bottled PBR and what just might be the tastiest batter-fried chicken strips I’ve ever had.

Exciting? Maybe not. It was a nice enough experience though to give a very quick user review on Yahoo Local.

A day later, I received an email from Yahoo Local with the heading “Nobody knows the hottest local spots like you”. I don’t go to the “hottest local spots”, but the heading was easily enticing enough for me to click. The email invited me to share my opinions on other places. Plus, it provides the Social Web implications of being part of an online community.

Yahoo Local

I’m glad to see Grumpy’s on that list. The juke box alone is worth the visit. The Yahoo email I received does entice me to write a quick review for them. Some day I probably will.

It’s probably not new, but I’m glad to see this approach from Yahoo. It’s something that can help their local results and their relevancy.

On the lighter side, during our game I was smart enough to not collide heads going for a header with my own teammate, Rob. Three weeks ago I did which gave me a little shiner, just in time for three search marketing presentations for some full-time job clients. Oops. 😉

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3 Responses to Nice Way for Yahoo Local to Encourage User Reviews

  1. […] listings. It’s worth watching. And second, Paul Jahn noticed Yahoo going out of its way to encourage more user reviews on Yahoo Local. I bet that kind of thing equates to an immediate 10-20% increase in […]

  2. Of course, the key is that they need to really be user-generated in the sense of real users.
    I can show you a really classic example of fake reviews sometime…

  3. Paul says:

    Julie, I just read your email and saw your example. To quote you, I will just say “it makes the Internet cry”.

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