Searching in Seattle – Citysearch Style

As a consumer, I normally use Google Maps when looking for local business information. I’ve been trying to switch that up lately. A week ago, I had a simple but nice user experience, and decided to give them some quick props on Yahoo Local.

This time, I’m searching for information. Citysearch has a newer facelift so it’s time to put them to the test. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited friends in Seattle and am planning to go there sometime this year, preferably during Bumbershoot.

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One Response to Searching in Seattle – Citysearch Style

  1. Michael Jahn says:

    Hello from a Fellow Jahn – I hail from Buffalo, NY but since achiving my black belt in snow shoveling, decided to try something new (surfing – the kind where you use a board, wax and a wave) so I now live in California. It is interesting that you blog about marketing and technology – search “PDF Evangelist” on Google – thats me !

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