Search Marketing Standard Magazine and an Insider’s Guide to SEM Training

Boris Mordkovich from the Search Marketing Standard magazine contacted me a few weeks ago about sending out a copy for any particular feedback I had. Many industry leaders have received similar inquiries in the past year and it was nice to be thought of like that. I received the copy today (with a cool and fancy dark chocolate bar included).

Reading the cover feature “Insider’s Guide to SEM Training & Certification” made me think of my buddy and old FindLaw co-worker David as he’s a big SEM training advocate. More on that below…

I always enjoy reading good articles online. Maybe since this is a print magazine, even more thought, effort, and editing were put into these articles. Whatever the case, I’m really impressed! Contributing authors are well-known in the search marketing industry including one of my favorites, Patricia Hursh, who provides an compelling article titled “Why Big Companies Need Local Search Advertising”.

After reading Patricia’s article, I’m thumbing through and see the magazine’s featured article “Insider’s Guide to SEM Training & Certification”, written by Twin Cities’ own SEM and certification extraordinaire, David Temple!

SEM Training by David Temple

Nice, David! I read the piece, learned more about the importance of SEM training and you’re more than deserving for the featured article. I see you gave Super-Christy a really nice mention, too.

I’m a little biased, but the Twin Cities area probably has the most talented online and search marketing professionals around.

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2 Responses to Search Marketing Standard Magazine and an Insider’s Guide to SEM Training

  1. David Temple says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! How you managed to slip “old” in there, I don’t know. You young whipper snapper you.

  2. Paul says:

    Those daggum kids! 🙂

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