Print Yellow Pages – “I’m Not Quite Dead Yet”

There has been a lot of speculation and argument regarding the print Yellow Pages and its future. Usually I hear lists of stats on why the print Yellow Pages are either dead or here to stay.

Well, here’s a real-world example. Eight years ago, I bought a condo in a pretty populated complex. Every year, a big pile of print Yellow Pages books appear in the underground parking area. Back then, if you didn’t grab the book in a few days, you’re out of luck. Now, these books have been down there for well over a month and quite a few still remain.

Pick us up - we’re lonely down here!

Boatloads of these get shipped every year, but how much are they used?

I’m not going to say that the print book is dead. If that were the case, three times as many books would still remain. It does remind me of a scene during Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” though…

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6 Responses to Print Yellow Pages – “I’m Not Quite Dead Yet”

  1. David Temple says:

    Good real life example. I hate those things and yes they are dead. The only reason anyone grabbed one is out of habit. How many of those do you think get put in the dumpster instead of recycled? What a waste!

  2. I find that yellow pages books are not bad for fireplace kindling. Rip out a handful of pages, wad them up and they can help start up your fire. One huge book can start up a lot of fires…

  3. Paul says:

    Awww, shucks David. But how do you really feel? 🙂

    Chris, that is a great idea! I wish I had a fireplace. I’d be stealing me some books!

    David, do you have a fireplace? If so I can bring over some sweet kindling next time I’m close to Eagan.

  4. KenC says:

    Wow. What a cranky crowd. Ok. Who does use those books that show up at your doorstep FREE??? US adults referenced them over 15 billion times last year. And that’s just the print versions. 90% of all adults reference them at least once a year, 75% in a typical month, and 50+% on average month. How about on average 1.4X each week? And let’s remember that not everyone has Internet access to reference those websites you are talking about.

    There is no other directional media that can provide buyers the information they need when they need it about local businesses than the print Yellow Pages. It is truly the original local search engine….

    But if you insist that the Internet is the way to go, who do you think is going to get all that neat stuff that is in those print books on to the Net so your Google search actually yields the results you really want??? It’s going be that same Yellow Pages sales rep who also has a complete portfolio of local search and Internet based products so they can help small businesses get on the Net…..

  5. Paul says:

    I actually agree with your last paragraph, Ken. If it wasn’t for the Internet Yellow Pages, the local results on search engines would be horrible. They’ve made great relationships with sites like Google and Yahoo to provide them the actual business data they need. It’s wonderful!

    I’ve never actually said the print pages are dead, but now I’m getting close. This is the 2nd time you’ve posted on here saying the exact same thing. I imagine I’ll hear from you next time I write about the print pages 😉

    …And yes, there are still plenty of print books downstairs that have not been picked up 😉

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