Google, Video, Local, and Universal Search – Hmmm

I stumbled across one of those Google search results tonight that makes the Internet cry (quoting Joolie). It was a page that features Google’s Universal Search incorporating video, local, news, and other results within a standard search query.

Basically, there is a video result in the main listings that shows a stationary guy pimping out his local company’s services. To game the search engines, there are four other videos of him saying the same thing… just in different words.

None of these videos would give me the enticement to contact this company. In fact, I’m running away!

So, how do you effectively use video in search marketing? I’m not the expert, but can hopefully provide some suggestions. I’m looking for input too, so hopefully this turns into a nice interactive post.

First, probably own a digital camcorder package. These range from a few hundred bucks to over 3k, preferably one with a tripod and an external microphone.

Regarding the video content…

1) Attorneys – Maybe an objective video and whiteboard on a new State law relating to your practice

2) Auto Dealers – Cool features and benefits on a new car

3) Sports – Sick tricks on a pro-model snowboard that you carry

These are my initial thoughts. Any others? Bueller?

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6 Responses to Google, Video, Local, and Universal Search – Hmmm

  1. We were talking about this some yesterday. There is valid video use. A lot of the discussion yesterday really centered on informational (how-to video) and brand video (say, snowboarders drinking Mountain Dew).

    I think there’s plenty of use for informational. Even one of your old pals in DUI has a video that’s not exactly professional acting, but he talks about ‘this is the process. this is what you have to do to not end up in jail.’

    I think those are valuable.

    I just think there’s going to be a lot of ‘post my standard cable teevee shot’ and a lot of ‘any video is better than no video’ when I really don’t think that to be true.

  2. David Temple says:

    Reasons for video;

    1. It’s cool!

    2. My competitor has it on his site.

    3. I can talk about myself.

    4. I can be number one in the search engines.

    5. A consultant told me, “Any video is better than no video”.

  3. aaron says:

    “Genuine content” would seem to be the winner to me. Video that has how-to, tips, factual insight into a business or service … that would fit the bill. It gets me wondering about users/searchers rating these video results. That rating, even as simple as a thumps up or thumbs down could be part of the algorithm … on some sort of scale/factor, but not alone.

    We do web video for about 1/4 to 1/3 of our new web projects these days …company overviews, testimonials, service features. My clients would be happy to know that this investment can also be put to use in the engines.

  4. Paul says:

    Thanks Aaron, “Genuine Content”. Yes! I joke around with a few content writers that I think a big part of optimization is writing compelling content w/o saying the same junk everybody else is saying. I’ll be picking your brain more on videos Thursday during “Mandatory Blogger Hour”.

    I like the ratings idea, too. Joolie would imply (and I agree) that G would have to combat the ‘standard cable tv’ shots and the businesses giving themselves five stars over… and over… and over again.

    David, you’re not going to take that from Joolie are you? Boy, I’d let her have it (yeah, I’m trying to cause trouble). 🙂

    Joolie, I probably don’t have to guess who my DUI pals are, do I? I’m pleasantly surprised though that it sounds like it is at least some decent quality.

    Something tells me we’re going to see some really cool Universal Search results in 6 months or so.

  5. Video for corporate web use is really a no brainer. Video is already done for many things, like shareholder meetings. For a lot of the investor relations stuff, the core thing would be to maintain clarity on how it factors in for SEC purposes when posting it in smaller chunks. The SEC can be really weird about context.

    I think product demo is a great commercial use of video. Ever seen those squirrel bungee things? I think video on that would be made easily viral (squirrel bungee = comedy gold) while promoting product purchase (if you think watching bungee video is great, imagine having LIVE bungee in your yard!).

    I wonder if there could be a way to provide levels of trust on user reviews. Amazon does that to some extent. There has to be a way to rationalize trust on an algorithmic level while allowing and encouraging UGC.

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