Palore – Local Search Companion

I had a phone conversation last night with Hanan Lifshitz of, a new local search startup. Part of what they’re doing is offering icons in search results to help make the listings more user-friendly and relevant. So far, most of these icons suit well for your traditional local spots like restaurants, coffee shops, etc. although they plan to broaden this greatly.

Palore Icons

You do have to perform a quick and free download. I did myself, and I’m going to keep it on there for awhile. It does help me learn more about the businesses. You can click on an icon to get more information, too.

Opened up Icon

This does work on IE, and I believe it now works with Firefox. Hanan, if you read this feel free to confirm or deny.

Would you use this? If so, what other icons would you like to see available within searches? Ideas are more than welcome and Palore would listen. They could be…

1) Walk-in appointments available (hair salons)
2) Free consultation (legal or other professional services)
3) VIP areas (local music venues)

We spoke briefly about local businesses and how they can potentially monetize from this concept, but that’s for a different post.

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5 Responses to Palore – Local Search Companion

  1. Paul, thanks for the interesting post, and yes, we do have a firefox version as well as an internet explorer version. We’re working with a number of local search sites on creating customized versions of Palore, so interested search sites – feel free to contact us at

  2. Monte says:

    If these icons were freely available I would use them on my local search site. Would add credibility to the icons. So what do you say?

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for commenting Monte.

    I think it would add credibility depending on how many people do the Palore download. I’m not sure how many people do… I do have it on one of my computers and it’s pretty slick.

  4. […] cool things lately. Almost a year ago, I had a phone conversation with their CEO Hanan Lifshitz and wrote about their cool icons you can use while searching on different local search portals like Google Maps, including kosher, […]

  5. […] sent me a link to it, then invited me to write blog post regarding it. Well, I did like it, and did write a post about it in June […]

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