Would Avvo be Good for Super Lawyers?

The City Pages recently put together a great three-page piece titled Super Lawyers Unmasked. It provides the beginning, growth, success, hiccups, and the bus that’s now trying to run the Super Lawyers model over.

An attorney can obtain Super Lawyer status by a number of criteria, one being by votes on the Super Lawyers’ own site. It winds up these votes can be padded with a “You vote for me, and I’ll vote for you” approach.

More firms would buy advertising to help get recognition for Super Lawyer status on related magazines such as the “New Jersey Monthly”, which stirred a controversy and an ethics crush in 2006.

What about 3rd party unbiased reviews? If this were put into the equation, there might be more relevancy. There are review sites such as CitySearch, but what if there was one specifically related to the legal field?

Enter Avvo, legal portal based on unbiased ratings. It’s pretty new but I’m impressed.


I’m liking this. Could Super Lawyers bring something like this into their criteria, and would it make the voting more relevant?

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8 Responses to Would Avvo be Good for Super Lawyers?

  1. Julie says:

    See, I see two issues:

    1. Ethics. Reviews of any regulated profession have been fraught with issues.
    2. Sure, it can’t be manipulated. Neither can SuperLawyer status (claim their sponsors), or search engine algos. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Oh, and this. Totally manipulable. Remember that set of ‘reviews’ I showed you the other week?

    Step 3. Request peer endorsements and client ratings for your profile.

    You already know how important satisfied clients and colleagues are to generating new business. Avvo makes it easy for you to showcase what former clients and other attorneys have to say about you – simply invite them to submit client ratings and peer endorsements to your profile page.

  3. Paul says:

    Maybe it’s a case of what’s least manipulable. In the original post I mentioned “based on unbiased ratings” when it probably would be better to say “partially based on ratings”. How much they put that into equation is something that only Avvo knows.

    What’s interesting so far, is the City Pages article talks about how smaller firms complain that they have no chance of obtaining Super Lawyer status because of the big firms padding votes.

    Initially, opponents of Avvo seem to be the more well-known attorneys that may already be considered a Super Lawyer and consider their Avvo ratings a big enough insult that they may want to sue. Here’s an interesting article.

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  6. Scott Withrow says:

    AVVO gives the attorney points for being listed in SuperLawyers, more points for each individual year listed in SuperLawyers. Some lawyers get a 10.0 rating solely based on SuperLawyers listings. That part of the rating system does not make sense, and in my mind that does make AVVO biased in favor of SuperLawyers advertisers. AVVO does have a useful web interface for collecting and publicizing legitimate credentials, and an educated consumer can make judgments from there. Caveat emptor on the ratings numbers, look for substance in the credentials.

  7. Paul says:

    I didn’t know they give points to those listed in SuperLawyers. Is this well known or across just a few examples? Reason I ask is that it initially appeared that the attorneys all up in arms are the ones who have that SuperLawyer status and doesn’t seem to reflect toward their avvo rating.

    “an educated consumer can make judgments from there”.

    Scott, thank you! Not everyone shares that thought.

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