Welcome City Pages Readers!

Way cool. Thanks to the City Pages for making this the MN Blog of the Day. I’m a pretty big CP fan and reference their different articles quite often.

Plus, I’m in great company – right between mentions of a condom bar in India and their links for “Time Wasters”. 🙂

I mentioned this a few posts below, but a few of us are trying to grow something we’re initially dubbing Blogger Hour. Since the City Pages recognizes a boatload of MN bloggers, why not get people away from their monitors for awhile? I’m gettin’ “Cabin Fever-itis”.

Cool, urban watering hole? Favorite suburba-name-your-favorite-chain-restaurant/grill? Dunno. Date/Time? Dunno. Any thoughts? Just drop a comment. Bloggers meet up, eat, drink and be merry! Ed from The Deets will pick up the tab. Really. He told me so… ok I’m lying.


3 Responses to Welcome City Pages Readers!

  1. Julie says:

    I think we need a Grumpy’s run. Next week.

  2. TT says:

    I’d probably be in, depending on the night. I don’t have a blog yet (at least not one that’s officially launched or public–like usual, I’ve got about 10-15 bouncing around upstairs–and I’m finally learning WordPress…).

  3. Paul says:

    Tel-li! Tel-li! Tel-li!

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