So, You Buying an iPhone?

A little over a week ago, I went on a skate with Ed Kohler (who is gonna’ rock SPIM). During the skate, he asked me if I was going to buy the new iPhone. I wasn’t sure at the time. I have an outdated cell with a T-Mobile service that works fantastic.

My current cell does need to go, and Aaron Weiche is hinting that I’m leaning toward an iPhone. Aaron, I think you’re right!

Apple has me.

Apple, I’m looking forward to synching your iPhone features with my Macbook Pro.

I’m looking forward to taking 2.0 megapixel pictures from the phone and have them be of decent enough quality to upload to my Flickr account on the fly, wherever I am.

I’m looking forward to use Google Maps to fingerscroll a seafood restaurant next time I’m in a new city.

I’m looking forward to use Google Maps “traffic” feature to decide my route home during my next Aware Web client visit during rush hour.

Technology Evangelist covered the crowd at the iMall of America today, along with a Pittsburgh visit from iJustine from the Tasty Blog Snack.

So, you leaning for or against the iPhone? Why or why not?

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6 Responses to So, You Buying an iPhone?

  1. aaron says:

    I love scooping the story! 🙂

    I’m still cool with my Treo 650 … but I am oh so tempted. I like everything I see and I think you should go for it so I can steal it at “Blogger Hour” some night just to mess with the interface till I’m silly.

    I’m a huge gadget guy … but more of a version 2 or 3 once the kinks get worked out. I made it a few years without an iPod until video was added and a 60 GB drive… and now I can’t imagine not being able to watch one of the 40 Office episodes I have on it and more. It ended up being worth the wait. Same with the Treo … let the 600 do it’s thing, then jumped on the 650.

    But don’t let me discourage you! It sounds like your due for a new phone and you might as well do it right. I think even this first version will be “all that”. I’ll check back later this weekend to see your posted pics of your new baby.

    On another note … have we ever seen a product arrive to such buzz? Newspaper, TV, Net, Blogs, Vlogs, Dogs (ok maybe not dogs) … this level of hype is unreal. Hard to imagine what next gadget could be to trump it.

  2. edkohler says:

    Paul, switching from what you have now is an obvious choice. From a Treo isn’t as easy a choice, especially if one’s Treo is on faster Internet connections, like Sprint or Verizon. But for you, it’s obvious. And it’s a total chick magnet.

  3. Paul says:

    I think you read my mind, Aaron! 🙂

    I should have it by “Blogger Hour” and definitely play away! I’m with you on the iPod, too. I waited and waited and finally bought a 30 GB one a year and a half ago. The buzz was huge! People camping out to get one?

    I won’t have it this weekend as I’m heading to Rochester to help my sis and bro-in-law celebrate their ten-year anniversary, but I should have a few cool pics of that on Flickr.

    Which reminds me, they started a new blog for BuyOnlineNow and it includes a few cool Office and Office Space pieces.

    Ed, yeah, I feel like Fred freaking Flinstone w/ my cell. Gots to upgrade! And I’m proud to be finally turning into an Apple geek (I love me some MacBook Pro). Cool coverage of the launch by the way!

  4. iphone fan says:

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