Following the Avvo Lawsuit


I’ve written about Avvo a couple times. Once to wonder if they would be a good fit for the Super Lawyers model, and once because of a lawsuit against Avvo from attorneys who erroneously think I’m simple-minded enough that I would qualify them solely based on a 1-10 ratings system.

I’m glad to see that Avvo has filed a motion to dismiss the complaint.

For the record, from a business point I can write this objectively. For a couple years, I did client search marketing for a large legal corporation. They would consider Avvo neither an opportunity or a threat. The legal marketing experience is what makes me follow this case.

On Avvo’s blog, I really liked a comment from a user named That Lawyer Dude. I think he tells it like it is and I couldn’t word it better.

Upon checking, I’m 99% sure the attorney who made that good blog post is the same one that I literally saw hug and pick up Akhil Saklani, which is a huge accomplishment in itself! You rock, Tony! Here’s a pic of myself with Akhil keepin’ it real and pretending we’re tough and all.

Paul and Akhil keepin’ it real in corporate America

I’m hoping my next post about Avvo is that the silly lawsuit has been dismissed.

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